Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners

Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners

I received my first Guitar at the age of 8. I also started guitar lessons at that time. My new guitar teacher helped me and my mother pick out the guitar I would use from the stock the music store where she taught had.

It was an Aria full size acoustic and my mom bought me a chip board case for it. I’m sure it was not an inexpensive guitar. It was the best acoustic guitar for this beginner. It was a steel string dreadnought sized guitar.

I remember the teacher telling me and my mom that using a full size guitar would be advantageous as I would learn on the instrument I could use for a long time, and I used that acoustic for ten or so years.

There are many great starter guitars, and I think there is a pretty good argument for your first guitar being a steel string acoustic. There are a few good reasons:

You can actually hear the guitar without an amplifier. I had read Eric Claptons autobiography and when he was first buying guitars, he bought a hollow body Gibson electric and commented he could play it at his apartment and hear (as opposed to the solid body guitars) it but would not bother the other renters.

You can take it to the beach or the camping spot and play with folks with out having to have electricity.

An acoustic has a charm. You can hear the wood and feel the notes.

Many different guitar makers make very fine beginner guitars, but many folks equate a beginner guitar with an inexpensive guitar.

If you are buying for a child, and you or the child are not sure that the idea of playing guitar is going to stick, a less expensive guitar might be a good starting place. There are a slew of acoustic guitars in the $125 to $350 range.

The same would be said for an older person deciding one day that they would like to try to play the guitar. A less expensive guitar would let you try the idea out without too big of an investment.

But the alternative may be a middle age gal or guy who always wanted to play guitar but for whatever reason put it off. They might be financially at a place where they could purchase a substantially more costly guitar, both as a guitar to begin on and as a possible investment. That guitar would definitely be very playable and would cost in the $400 to $1500 + range.

I’ve recorded newly formed blue grass bands that some of the members were still learning their instruments (read… not proficient yet) and had spent in excess of $2500 on each of their instruments. They loved it, had fun, and if they ever decide to make poker their hobby, the instruments at that price point will hold value. They could sell them and get the money back.

Obviously, the music stores are the best place to actually hold and touch an actual guitar. A big box music store will give you the best of both worlds, you can hold and play the actual guitar and you will get a good deal.

The best acoustic guitar for a beginner adult isn’t always a full size acoustic. Thanks in no small part to Ed Sheeran, many adults are gravitating to smaller guitars as their main axe. Many guitar companies are offering higher quality acoustic guitars in smaller sizes.

Once upon a time they used to be called ¾ size guitars, and many times were not the greatest quality. Then some companies started making ‘travel guitars’ acoustic guitars that were smaller but were of a substantial quality. Some now call them mini or small guitars, and they are not only seen as something that can be used for travel, but for your main guitar. The smaller size is comfortable as well as convenient. And yes some still call them ¾ size.

You can buy guitars online, and you can get a good deal. But you can’t play it or hear it or touch it.

I suppose some companies have return policies, but that can be a hassle.

Up to this point all the guitars we’ve been talking about are steel stringed guitars. Another option you can consider is a guitar with nylon strings. This is usually called a ‘classical’ guitar. Many classical guitars have smaller bodies than a full sized acoustic steel string guitar. But many have a wider neck, and some people with smaller hands might have a bit of a problem starting out with one of those. The strings are farther apart.

They do make nylon string guitars in smaller sizes like ¾. The nylon strings are a bit easier on your fingertips at first but the sound is much mellower and doesn’t ring like a steel string acoustic.

Willie Nelson plays a nylon stringed classical guitar named ‘trigger’.

You can scour the internet for specific models and makes, but the best thing to do to find the best acoustic guitar for beginners is to go somewhere and play the guitar.

Have the salesman show you a ‘G’ chord. Try it. It will feel good on a good guitar. It will sound good.

It will resonate.

I did not do that. My teacher and my mom decided which guitar I stared out with. I’m sure the teacher at some point handed me the guitar and asked what I thought but I don’t remember it. I got very lucky.

If you have a friend or family member who plays guitar, take them along. Ask them if the guitar plays as good as theirs. If you are buying for your son or daughter, ask the sales person about how easy or hard this particular guitar is to play. If they stutter or stammer, ask to see another guitar.

The best acoustic guitar for you a beginner is waiting for you to find it.

Author: Chad